Mitch, thanks, I found that group and the discussion.


Richard, thanks for your catalog link and other info.




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Hi Karen, there is a great discussion happening over on the ITIL CG on this very topic. I encourage you to check it out.


Oh, we started with a basic listing of our services and focused first on the internal catalog and process. We hope to add more request items soon



Mitch Pautz

CSU Fullerton



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Hi All,


We do not have a formal service catalog, but need to. Right now we just have a “Services” category on our Web page, with subsections to describe various services. I’ve seen service catalogs ranging from a list of Web links to very sophisticated software specifically designed to produce a service catalog.


Since we’re in the very early stages of starting this project, I am looking for any and all info anyone can share with regard to your planning process, how long the process took (to get to implementation), cost, what tool you use, etc. I’d love to look at different examples so please share links if you can. Also, is it just an IT catalog, or does it cover services from your entire organization?


What are some lessons learned or things you would do differently?


We use FootPrints (11.6) so I am also interested in hearing from anyone who is using the FootPrints service catalog functionality and how well that works (we aren’t licensed for Change Management so I can’t explore the service catalog on my own).


Thanks for your help!


Karen Sunderland

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