We currently use ServiceNow at the University of Minnesota and it's used almost exclusively by IT. I came from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls and we were using TeamDynamix (loved it), and before that Footprints. 

Out of the three platforms I found Footprints to be the most friendly to non-IT process and was quite flexible. Our reservations department used it for reservation intake. We used it for hiring processes, on/offboarding, scheduling, and some project management. The ability for robust, sequential task creation makes it easy to work non-IT processes within the tool.

Obviously, all these tools also sell their "non-IT" module packages.

Steven Meads
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On Fri, Dec 2, 2016 at 1:56 PM, Jeri Schefts <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
At Boston College, we are beginning our implementation of TeamDynamix for ticketing. We currently have ~6 non-ITS departments using different instances of ticketing in our older HP Service Center application, and we intend to move them to different ticketing applications within TeamDynamix. They have the capability to have organizational settings that cover all ticketing modules, and individual configuration settings within each of the individual ticketing apps so each group can administer their own settings and users.

It's always nice to hear that others have the same situations at their schools!

Jeri Schefts
Boston College.

On Fri, Dec 2, 2016 at 2:50 PM, Parker, Rose I <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hi All,


We are currently using BMC Footprints as our ITSM solution which give us the capability of creating instances for other departments.  Currently our OneStop, which includes Registrar, Bursar, Financial Aid, and Admissions are using Footprints as their ticketing solution.  They are not using the full ITSM capabilities but it seems to meet their needs.  We built a custom queuing solution for their walk-in center which uses the API to push/pull info from Footprints.


We also have several other groups that are using Footprints as a ticketing solution to track requests, ordering, room reservations, etc.  We seem to bring on a few new departments each year.


None of our workspaces are using the built-in Footprints Service Catalog and we use an external knowledge base solution.


Having said all that, we also allow other IT staff on campus to use our HelpDesk as their front line and we’ll escalate cases to them if we can’t resolve them.  This has also been pretty successful. 


If hope this helps.  If you want to know more, let me know.





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Hi, Mitch.

We are exploring solutions for this, now. We're currently looking for an ITSM-lite type of product (preferably open source) that might handle incidents, requests, and knowledge base. This would be for multiple student support service departments, not just financial aid.

I'd be happy to share information, but I don't know that we're any further ahead in this than you are.


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On Fri, Dec 2, 2016 at 2:00 PM, Mitchell Pautz <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hello colleagues.


Has anyone here rolled out service management processes to non-IT departments? We have our financial aid department that like many departments is trying to track and manage requests that come in. The inefficiency of email is causing backlogs and dissatisfaction. If you have been here or are thinking about how to start I would love to hear your ideas and your experiences.





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