We have been using a product called Miradore for a couple of years, which is based out of either Iceland or Finland so the biggest drawback is being able to talk to a support person, they’re generally asleep or at least off work during our usual business hours (EST) and they only operate 9-5 their time, so we have to post a ticket and wait for a response the next day (or three!) Other than that, it’s not a bad system and is reasonably priced. We also use Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and import a csv file generated from DEP into Miradore to populate the db. We used to push out some apps to the students iPads using Miradore, but no longer do that. We are hoping to move to Jamf for next spring as it’s considered the best of breed plus it does Macs and is the only “official” partner MDM Apple recognizes so you know it will be updated regularly as Apple releases new versions. More expensive than Miradore, but I think it’ll be worth it, particularly because it manages both iOS and OS devices.


We have about 350 iPads of various flavors (Pros, Minis, some Airs) currently in Miradore and they are all used as student loaners. Our faculty apply online to participate in the iPad program before the end of a semester for the following semester and we lend the iPads to students for the entirety of a semester, usually one class per faculty applicant. We usually have more faculty apply than we have iPads to lend so some faculty come away disappointed. The staff person that managed this for us just left the college for another position less than a month ago so my Instructional Technology Coordinator and I are picking up the pieces and trying to get organized to do the “big collection” this week and next before all the students leave for the holidays.


As far as the Apple ID question, I believe we just used a generic departmental email ([log in to unmask]) as the Apple ID and make sure the students turn off “Find my iPad”, log out of iTunes and iCloud and disable any password or touch ID they may have been using before returning the units to us. We made a short two minuet video showing that process we send them or have the faculty post to their Canvas course site. Once we get them back, we wipe them completely so they’re back to the “out of the box” state for the next semester. Biggest lesson learned is establish a good database for your inventory and track the comings and goings well, particularly when one has to go back to Apple for repair and they end up sending you a new one, remember to record those types of things. We have been finding some discrepancies in our serial numbers and attribute it to the former staff member’s so-so record keeping in that regard. Also, make sure that the students (or faculty) go through all the log out procedures or you’ll have to contact Apple and go through hoops in order to get them ‘unlocked” because someone is still logged in or didn’t remove their 4 or 4 digit passcode.


Hope that helps, good luck and I’d also be willing to chat offline if you’d like.



Kent Barclay

Associate Dean of Academic Technology

Endicott College

376 Hale St.

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We use Jamf Pro in our institution for managing the iPads as well as Macs.  It has been good to us over the years (probably 8 at this point).  We have about 200 institution owned iPads deployed to individuals and ‘classes’.  Jamf allows us to do all of the things that Apple permits and they are usually on top of integrations related to any new features that Apple puts out.  It also integrates closely with a lot of the Apple solutions (i.e. Volume Purchase Program, Apple School Manager). 


For the Apple IDs, I still don’t think there is an easy way to do this.  We configure a single Apple ID for the iCloud piece and only enable the Find My Iphone feature on that account (disabling the photo album syncing part).  We also keep that password a secret from most end users (which is a pain when someone updates iOS without IT involvement).  If an end user wants to configure the iTunes Store with their own personal, they can.  The Volume Purchase program helps with application purchasing and ownership of the applications (keeps ownership of the app to the institution).  Jamf helps with the deployment of the app as well.


I can not speak to the JAMF hosted solution as we haven’t gotten that far, but can say that their pricing model is fairly aggressive for colleges/universities. 


Would be glad to talk offline if you would like.


Jim Stasik

Director of Enterprise Infrastructure Services

Montgomery County Community College

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Hi All,


We have an academic program who found themselves in a pile of ipads used for courses (returned after the term). They initially used a Meraki management solution, but as the grant money disappeared and the staff who set that up left, the remaining support staff were left without the keys to manage the devices… Eventually they worked with Apple Engineers to unlock things.


So, now they’re asking more strategic questions about how to manage 100 ipads with minimal (aka 1) staff person.


I’ve had approximately 15 minutes of explanation of what all they’re doing so I don’t know all of the things they’ve ironed out or are still confined by. The question posed to me was simply “do you have a mobile device management solution you’d recommend?” They have been populating course content (via the Articulate app) and sending the iPads throughout the state, sometimes to very rural (limited bandwidth) locations. Also, the first round of ipads had the same apple ID for all ipads which they found if iPad A took a picture, it showed up on iPad B’s photo album. I’m not sure how they’re managing Apple IDs now.


My questions to this group:

-          Are you using some kind of device management solution for iPads? (What is it? Do you like it? Why/why not?)

-          How are you handling Apple IDs for institutional ipads used by students?  

-          Any insight or lessons learned you could impart before we get too much further down this path?


Thanks in advance,



Cody Bennett | User Services Manager | IT Services | UAS | 907-796-6116 | [log in to unmask]


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********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at http://www.educause.edu/discuss.