I posted this recently to the CCCG Slack group, but in the interests of
casting the widest possible net to capture the largest number of great
ideas, I'm cross posting a couple of places. My apologies for filling your


To date usage of the web-scale public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) at
Indiana University has been limited to small-scale experimentation, a
targeted PaaS service or two, development by a few cloud-savvy developers
and of course researchers forging ahead of central IT. In an effort to bring
together subject area experts (e.g., security, networking, ops, etc.) to
start learning in hands-on detail how the public cloud works, I am gathering
ideas for a starter enterprise project to build out. We've kicked around
things like the central website, CAS, or maybe storage. I'd like to know
what others have done or, in hindsight would have done, as this kind of team
learning project. What have you got? 


To be clear, I'm not talking about the process of building a cloud team. I
am just looking for ideas of projects that could serve as a focus of such a
team. Did you have the luxury of experimentation or were you driven by
crisis or deadline? What project, in short, provided the best learning
experience for the broadest group of roles?


Thanks for any and all ideas!


Bob Flynn


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Indiana University

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