(Apologies for cross-posting, just hoping to get a variety of perspectives.)


First, I really enjoy absorbing the knowledge and input from the various accessibility groups - so, thank you for that. 

However, as I sit in on these groups and learn more about their work I've realized I'm not yet finding clarity on how they fit in/contribute to the larger ecosystem of accessibility in higher edu. I'm hoping some of you can help paint that picture for me or point me to resources I may be overlooking. 

The groups I'm familiar with include:

Are there any others I'm missing? 

I guess my questions can be broken down as:

I'm happy to collect input and pair it with more research if others would also benefit from having some sort of clearly defined "eco-system" from which to present to folks entering/navigating the field. Maybe this could be picked up as a roundtable at Accessing Higher Ground as I know others have approached me with similar questions. 

(Or maybe the full eco-system hasn't developed and that's why I'm feeling a little disjointed. In which case, I'll try to be more patient. 😉)

Thanks for your continued guidance and input!


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