Our technical lead for digital accessibility in our central IT unit is leaving for a job in the private sector and so we are seeking a professional to backfill this position. We would appreciate you circulating this in your networks of qualified candidates.

A full job description and the online application can be found here:


Position summary:

The OCIO Accessibility Analyst will promote accessibility in the OCIO as defined by the OSU ADA Coordinator. Ensures new software is evaluated and necessary

accommodations and/or remediation are negotiated prior to purchase. Ensures that existing software is evaluated in a timely manner based on risk, and that

proper accommodation and/or remediation efforts are planned and carried through. Consults with OCIO departments and vendors to evaluate their products

and recommend designs and development strategies to improve the accessibility of their product. Ensures an appropriate audit trail is maintained for all

evaluations, and that accommodation/remediation efforts are tracked and reported. Plans and carries out events to raise awareness of accessibility in the

Office of the CIO. Offers training opportunities in how to evaluate the accessibility of products, and on best practices in accessible design and coding.

The Analyst will participate in efforts of the OSU ADA Coordinators Office when needed for the greater good of the University. 



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Peter Bossley
Director, Digital Accessibility Center
ADA Coordinator's Office - Office of University Compliance and Integrity
Student Life Disability Services
098 Baker Hall, 113 W. 12th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210
614-688-3028 Office
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