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We have been nurturing a culture of CSI within Miami for some time. At this juncture, different parts of the organization and even different parts of IT treat CSI differently. Our finance and business organization (which includes HR, payroll, facilities, housing, dining, rec sports, etc) has embraced Lean and they have a custom app where people submit Lean ideas and they advance those a Lean projects. Within IT, we have a few approaches:
- Our outgoing CIO established an intake mechanism for IT staff to make suggestions to drive internal improvements. In addition, we set aside Thursday afternoons to pursue the planning or implementation of these improvements. I've attached the overview in our service catalog that describes this process and the criteria used for sorting out the ideas as "IT Improvement". Sadly his departure and turnover in leadership is causing this effort to lack a champion. 

- our ITSM group has a "suggest an improvement" form that tries to align the suggestion with the current improvement strategy for ITSM. Our current focus is highly centered around the recent outsourcing of our helpdesk and improvements that can be made that tie back to the service desk function. We try to be able to draw a clear line between the idea for improvement and a targeted KPI. Out ITSM team then pulls these suggestions into our current sprint to work.


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Hi folks. Chapter #2 is one of my favorite chapters. It takes the reader through each of the 6 steps in the CSI approach. 

6 steps CSI approach

The book provides templates and tools that accompany each step. It prescribes an adapt approach where the effort and scope for each step will vary. The organization as a whole needs to have a continual improvement mindset to be successful. It can't just be folks in the service management office/program. 

I love the quote from Pat Riley "If you are not getting better, you're getting worse." 

One of most valuable tools is a CSI (continual service improvement) register which is a database or structured document used to record and manage improvement opportunities. 

How many of you are using CSI register(s)? 
How many of you having a culture with the mindset of continual improvement? 


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