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I love the quote as well from Pat Riley! I am digging into the book now.

Here at Morgan State in Baltimore, MD, we are on the beginning legs of our ITIL journey.  We have been working on continual service improvement but it really is focusing on getting the basics started such as a service catalog, internal documentation, change management process, collecting metrics, and using metrics to help make decisions (at a very beginning level).  We have looked at the Gartner Maturity model recently to assess ourselves as a division, as well, so we will see if we might get a CSI register of sorts out of that.

Quite honestly, so much is changing right now with how we do things, improvement is sort of baked into everything because things are just getting better as a result of changing our methods and questioning "how it always has been done."  So while we are improving it's almost like the improvement isn't the focus--we are just trying to catch up with the rest of the world.  :)  But we are improving!  If that makes sense.

I would love to see a CSI register here.  I am not sure we are mature enough yet.  There is a project for an internal wiki that is happening this summer.  I am hopeful we can use that tool to begin at least a list of improvements on a wiki page we could tackle in a systematic way instead of "accidental" improvements happening as we look at our problem areas.  In other words, we have so much we can improve that anything we tackle causes really big wins right now.  I would like to see our improvement turn into a written strategy with a roadmap so we can focus on strategic continual improvement.  We'll get there. 

I love Bob Black from Miami of OH's stand-up meeting and screen shot example where folks on the team can see all the projects.  I love that they meet quickly to tackle roadblocks and get them out into the air with a KANBAN approach.  We have something here called the daily huddle phone call for the whole IT division (and anyone in campus IT can join).  It is a great communication tool but I have mixed feelings about it because I wish more people would hold meetings to get some projects work dealt with instead of having a long discussion on our huddle.   I am going to talk about a standup meeting every week for my Service Desk and how we might be able to implement something like what Bob does in the future!  Great food for thought!!


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Hi folks. Chapter #2 is one of my favorite chapters. It takes the reader through each of the 6 steps in the CSI approach. 

The book provides templates and tools that accompany each step. It prescribes an adapt approach where the effort and scope for each step will vary. The organization as a whole needs to have a continual improvement mindset to be successful. It can't just be folks in the service management office/program. 

I love the quote from Pat Riley "If you are not getting better, you're getting worse." 

One of most valuable tools is a CSI (continual service improvement) register which is a database or structured document used to record and manage improvement opportunities. 

How many of you are using CSI register(s)? 
How many of you having a culture with the mindset of continual improvement? 


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