Hi there. Just a friendly reminder the deadline to respond to the book club organizers is tomorrow 3pm PT.  A poll will be sent to the respondents to help determine the exact book club event date and time. We are still on track to host the event mid-July. 

Sincerely, the book club organizers

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Subject: REPLY BY JUNE 28: ITSM Book Club - ITIL Practitioner Guidance
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Dear colleagues.

I know many of you are enjoying the book and hopefully enjoying the related discussion. Don’t worry if you have not had a chance to read the book, you are not too late. There is still time to participate.  We are on track to host the book club in July. So grab a copy and dive in! All of the information you need to get started is included in the email below.

I am really excited about discussing what we have read and learned. Stuart Rance, one of the author’s has agreed to participate which should make for a valuable and educational experience.

While you will get more out of the discussion if you read the book, everyone is welcomed to participate. If want to be included in the book club event please send a direct reply to the book club organizers.

We request a reply date of no later than June 28th. Once we collect all of the responses you will be asked to participate in a poll to select the best date and time for the event.

Sincerely, the book club organizers

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Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: ITSM Book Club - ITIL Practitioner Guidance


We would like to invite you to participate in the Educause ITSM Constituent Group Online Book Club. We will be reading the following book:


ITIL® Practitioner Guidance

By Axelos     

Published: 2016

ISBN-13: 978-0113314874

Available in paperback as well as Kindle formats.


We feel this is a great book for ITSM practitioners. ITIL is currently being updated and the book is very relevant.  


Participation is open to everyone! We are planning to host the book club sometime in the middle of July. A book club is a chance to discuss the various topics introduced in the book and how we have applied it in our lives. We have a few suggestions that will enhance your participation


  1. Purchase and read the book as group and discuss it as a team
  2. Join the conversation on the ITSM CG listserv. We'll post new discussion topics every few weeks.  
  3. Join Axelos for around the same price ($~68) as the book and enjoy free access to this publication and many more resources.  


Plus, we are extremely honored and proud to have Stuart Rance, one of the co-authors join us for the book club. You can read more about Stuart from his company’s website


For more information about the book read below;


ITIL Practitioner Guidance is the essential reference text which accompanies the ITIL Practitioner qualification. Fully integrated with the ITIL Practitioner syllabus, this publication is also a practical guide that helps IT service management (ITSM) professionals turn ITIL theory into practice through case studies, worksheets, templates and scenarios. The book assumes knowledge of ITIL and ITSM up to ITIL Foundation level, and begins with a discussion of the guiding principles of ITSM. It goes on to explain how these guiding principles are essential for ITSM and how they relate to philosophies, frameworks and methodologies such as DevOps, Lean, Agile etc.

The publication shows how following the CSI (continual service improvement) approach, and how the core skills of organizational change management, communication, metrics and measurement, can underpin successful ITSM improvement initiatives.

Assembled by the Practitioner Architect Team of Kevin Behr, Karen Ferris, Lou Hunnebeck, Stuart Rance, Barclay Rae and Paul Wilkinson, a team of renowned ITSM experts under the guidance of AXELOS' Kaimar Karu, ITIL Practitioner Guidance concludes with a practical toolkit containing templates, worksheets and assessments that will help ITSM professionals to improve the value of the service they provide to their customers.


Learn more about the book from this video.


We hope you can join us.


Mitch Pautz
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