For over three years, members of the EDUCAUSE Cloud Computing Constituent Group (CCCG) and the Internet2 Cloud Services Working Group (CSWG) have held a monthly call to discuss the challenges of purchasing, managing, configuring, deploying, and promoting cloud technologies in higher education. Over time the voices on the calls have changed, but the discussion has always been interesting and useful.


The name "CCCG-CSWG"  is a mouthful, and doesn't convey the goals of the calls, so we've decided to rebrand the calls as the "Higher Education Cloud Collaboration" conference call. It's a small change, but it represents a recommitment by the EDUCAUSE and Internet2 communities to foster a spirit of collaboration in supporting universities adoption of cloud computing technologies.


We've also agreed to have approximately half the calls be presentations by key thought leaders and the other half be open conversations. This way we can get a great balance of information sharing and collaborative discussions. We'll set the agenda for these sessions as part of our regular calls.


As a reminder... calls are held the fourth Wednesday of each month at 12 noon eastern time. Call details are:

·         From your computer:

·         By phone+1(646)558-8656  Meeting ID: 408515294

·         Email Sean O’Brien at Internet2 ([log in to unmask]) and he can add you to the formal calendar invite and give you access to the running agenda. (In the upcoming months, we plan on making it easier for people to add the sessions to their own calendars, but for the time being, contacting Sean is your best bet.)

·         We'll send out reminders for these meetings to our listservs and through the CCCSlack channel.


We look forward to you joining us in the upcoming months!



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