I'm cross-posting an inquiry from another EDUCAUSE partner list because I thought there might be some experienced folks in this group willing to share insight with Chandra per the below. 

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I'm wondering if they're remembering the breach from several years ago? 


Chief Information Officer

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Hi Everyone,

We have been using Dropbox as institutional cloud storage now for a few years.  Our IT folks want us off asap saying it is for security reasons. I'm wondering who else is using Dropbox institutionally.  I suspect that the security reasons have more to do with how we manage (or don't manage) Dropbox and not Dropbox itself.

If you use Dropbox, do you have security concerns?  Do you have someone who is responsible for managing Dropbox?  Do you provide training for ensuring that PII is not stored there?

Any insight you can provide would be helpful.  When I ask locally, I just get that there are "security reasons."


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