Dear eTexts Constituent Group members,


We know it might feel like a long time away, but the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference will be here before you know it! We wanted to let the group know that there will be an eTexts Constituent Group session on Friday, November 3, from 8:00-8:45, hosted by yours truly (Stacy). Please consider joining our conversation on the evolving domain of digital textbooks, multimedia supplements, tutorial websites, e-reader/annotation software, and more. We’ll share ideas, analyses, experiences, and practical outcomes. Specifics may include eText acquisition, delivery, business models, support strategies for cost savings for students, selection of eText reader/annotation software, devices, and institutional policies. 


We were also curious to see if others in this group were going to be presenting something related to eTexts. If so, please share your session title.


Finally, we are in the midst of planning a webinar which will include several eText vendors. Stay tuned on the date; we'd like to deliver it before the annual conference.



Stacy Morrone and Aimee deNoyelles



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