Happy to share. I have included presentations on the website rodeo as a result of risk analysis and a workshop presentation on a risk based approach to ADA within websites and software acquisition. There are several items:


  1. Risk spreadsheet for software.
  2. Risk spreadsheet for websites.
  3. Purchasing guidelines and records
  4. Purchasing and workflow.
  5. ADA Software Purchasing Questionnaire - QT.
  6. Website URL for topical vignettes
  7. Presentation for Texas AHEAD, Power Point, “ADA Risks Identified, How Do We Correct Websites? Hold a Website Rodeo!”
  8. Workshop for Texas AHEAD, Power Point, “A Risk Based Approach to Software & Website Compliance”



The vignettes are in the help for Gato, our CMS. The URL is: http://gato.its.txstate.edu/user-guides/best-practices/web-accessibility.html


The items above are free for your use and adaptation. Please provide attribution for the help to Texas State University.


I will be happy to spend time discussing any of these with you.






Milton Nielsen, Ph.D.

Special Assistant for Organizational Performance

Vice President for Information Technology

Texas State University

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