There is a trend in the industry toward “Enterprise Service Management”.  ITIL concepts can easily extend to business practices beyond IT.  HR and Facilities are the most common areas where I see this extension.  Many ITSM tools like ServiceNow and Cherwell have created add-on modules to support HR or Facilities Management.


There can be some benefit to having multiple business units using the same tool. (Cost savings, pooling resources, reduced overhead, etc.)


I guess I would ask – what is your major concern about the project sponsors wanting to learn more about the possibility of using a consolidated toolset? 


If it is out of scope of the project, then that might be your best line of defense (assuming you have a solid scope defined). 


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Good Morning All,


I need some additional support in "persuading" a group of project sponsors that a case management system (such as Salesforce Service Cloud that would mostly be used by HR) is not the same as a service management system (such as ServiceNow or Cherwell that would most likely be used by IT).


What would you present as the arguments? How would you further demonstrate that a service management system is encompassing and can also handle special use cases for case management for units such as HR?


Thanks in advance, Deb



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